The region of Tamil Nadu in India is a delicate blend of rich culture and antique tradition that appeals to both natives and visitors from all over the world.  Tamil is the native language of Tamil Nadu. Endowed with a well defined written grammar 2500 years ago,  Tamil is one of the oldest known languages, and boasts many great classic literatures.   It is an official language in many eastern nations including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore.

Learning to read, write, speak, and sing in such a rich language,  imbibing alongside the culture and tradition, all from native Tamil speaking instructors, is indeed a great experience!

Contact Info:

Sangeetha Ramkumar – (585) 478-7690;

Vidya Naganathan – (585) 385-1281;

Email: ThendralTamilSchool@gmail.com

​​Thendral Tamil School of Rochester

Tamil classes are held every Sunday from 10:45am to 12.15pm at the Hindu Temple of Rochester.  However, they are currently conducted remotely via virtual technology. The instructors are dedicated, knowledgeable, and volunteer their time to teach in a methodical way that has proven effective over many decades.  Thendral Tamil School is currently fully affiliated with ITA (International Tamil Academy, a.k.a California Tamil Academy).  This will enable certification each year and possibly a recognition for a foreign language course accreditation in future for the students. 

  • Classes are grouped into levels as recommended by the ITA. The syllabus, monthly exam schedules, and attendance requirements for each group  is also based on skill sets and recommendations by the ITA.

  • Our Sessions run from September to June and follow the Pittsford School District  calendar. 

  • Students must be 5 years or older.


  • Annual fees: Fees are to be paid at the start of school year,  checks payable to ‘Hindu Temple of Rochester’

  • Hindu Temple Members: $120 + cost of books
  • Non-members:$130 + cost of books
  • Books cost $14 - $30 depending on grade level of students.