Yoga class

Every Tuesday 6:30pm to 7:30pm

​Yoga is one of the most ancient cultural heritages of India. It promotes mental, and physical and spiritual well-being. The word yoga in Sanskrit means to unite. What does it unite? It unites the Atman with the Paramatman, that is - the individual soul with the Universal soul., and so yoga can be said to connote a unitive discipline. In this sense it is an exercise in moral and mental cultivation that generates good health (arogya), contributes to longevity (chirayu), and the total intrinsic disci-pline culminates into positive and perennial happiness and peace.

Benefits of a regular yoga practice can include: 
* Quieter mental state

* Increased Flexibility & Balance
* Balance Weight Reduction
* Improved physical strength

* Stress & Pain Reduction

* Greater respiratory capacity

$100 for 10 Classes

$15 for Drop-in

Register for Classes:

Contact Raje at 585.802.0119



​​The Hindu Temple of Rochester is proud to partner with, Ryan Kigore and Ella Beyer who study with Iyengar yoga teacher for 3 years.

lyengar Yoga is named after BKS lyengar, who spent 80 years of his life practicing yoga, using his body as a laboratory to understand the effects of the asanas(posture.) and pranayama (expansion of the breath). Mr. Iyengar created the use of props to allow yoga to be accessible to every body regardless of age, experience, and physical condition. lyengar yoga uses physical alignment as a starting point to develop strength, stamina, concentration, and flexibility to name a few. The premise of lyengar yoga is meditation in action and as the asanas are re-fined, intelligence begins to spread throughout the body, promoting self-awareness. The method of BKS lyengars teachings, through asanas and pranayama, allows students to penetrate beyond the physical level and explore the inner Layers of the mind, energy and spirit.