​​​​As Hindu families moved to Rochester in the sixties and seventies, they started getting together to celebrate our festivals and to do Pujas. As more families moved in, they felt a need for a Hindu Temple here. The Hindu Temple of Rochester was registered with NY State in 1975 and a Federal Tax Exempt status was obtained in 1976.  Over the next few years Temple started regular pujas, celebration of festivals, language classes etc. 

Festivals and Events


About Hindu Temple of Rochester

​​​​​​Phase IV Updates
Date Time Festivals and Events
Jan 04 7:00 PM Hanuman Jayanthi
11x Hanuman Chalisa
Jan 12 05:30 AM Sunderkand
108x Hanuman Chalisa
Jan 13 7:00 PM Lohri, Bhogi
Jan 14 6:30 PM Makara Sankranti;
Goda, Krishna Kalyanam
Jan 18 6:30 PM Pradosham
Jan 20 10:00 AM Murugan Abhishekam
Jan 20 6:00 PM Poornima; Satyanarayan Pooja
Jan 21 6:30 PM Thai Poosam;Murugan Abhishekam
Jan 23 6:30 PM Sankata Hara Chaturthi
Jan 26 11:00 AM Akhanda Ramayan Paath begins
Jan 27 11:00 AM Akhanda Ramayan Paath ends
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